Meet Laura

Meet LauraHi! Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to my kitchen, or at least.. the part I can actually share with you: The Fancy Napkins blog.

Where do I start? Well, the quick version is: I am from Thunder Bay, Ontario but I now live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have a kinesiology degree I don’t use from the University of Manitoba where I played soccer (go Bisons!). I love dogs, snowboarding, the sun and my family and friends (and Crown Royal and Coke). I grew up eating great homemade food (thanks to my late mother and grandmother) and to this day, love to cook and bake.. and eat! In university, I started a blog called Ginger on the Loose (Google it, it’s still out there in the universe in all of it’s embarrassing glory) because it was just another way to procrastinate doing all of the important things I had to do. I recently returned to Winnipeg after spending time in Europe with my husband, Ian (my number one taste tester). We worked and lived in Cambridge for six months – where I realized that my life revolves around food and I am most content when working in that world. So, here we are!