About The Fancy Napkins

Every time I see a napkin (or serviette, if that’s your jam), I think of my mom. Weird, I know. But I also know that anyone lucky enough to have had her in their life, will understand. Growing up, we had napkins for every occasion – but also for non-occasions. Birthday? Cake with candles napkins. Spring? Flower napkins. Halloween? Choice: Jack-O-Lanterns or Witches. New Year’s Eve? Fireworks. Snow in April? Not to worry – there are some leftover snowman napkins in the napkin drawer. Yes, napkin drawer. I even received napkins in most care packages when I was in university. They lasted longer than the cookies.

Not only were there fancy napkins at home and in my care packages, if you were a friend of mom’s, chances are at some point, you too were on the receiving end of a package of napkins. I am slowly building my own box of fancy napkins, and in keeping up mom’s tradition, gifting them to friends when the opportunity arises.

And so, while I was travelling around Europe in the winter of 2017, frantically picking my brain (and my husband, Ian’s) for a name for this blog, The Fancy Napkins was born – a tribute to my late mother, who instilled in me a love for the kitchen and spoiled me (and everyone else who came into our lives) with all things homemade for 23 years.

I intend on posting new recipes weekly, keeping you in the loop on new and exciting things to try in the kitchen and pass along some recipes from other blogs and cookbooks that I come across. I am still working on my photography skills, and using an iPhone.. so please bear with me! I likely won’t be including a ton of photos in my posts, but how many step by step photos are there in cookbooks anyway?

The food won’t be as fancy as the napkins. Everything will be easy to prepare and cook and delicious to eat. My goal is to develop easy, tasty and accessible recipes for everyone to cook and enjoy at home.

Thank you for checking it out – I hope you’ll invite me into your kitchen!